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Established in 1998, All State Security is one of the largest American-owned security officer services companies and is a trusted leader with proven expertise in a number of markets including: asset protection, bank, bodyguards, commercial, construction sites, disaster response, entertainment, event marketing, executive protection, hospitals, industrial, mobile patrol, nursing homes, property management, malls, residential, retail, and more..

As a Professional Security Company, we realize that as a business owner, your time and money are valuable to you.

We take pride in our history of working with each and every individual client in custom tailoring a security service that is right for you and your business, saving you valuable time and money!

Whether you’re in an office building, chemical plant, college campus, bank, hospital or a gated community, you’ll find All State Security — on the scene and trained to secure your facilities. 

For over 12 years, All state security has been the recognized security industry leader. We have pioneered many security standards used to keep businesses and communities safe.

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(888) 589-2941 Security Guard Company Federal Way WA. Security Personnel, Bodyguards, Security Guards, Officers, Security Courtesy Patrol and Unarmed Security Guards, serving Federal Way, WA

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Looking for a dependable security guard service in Federal Way, WA? All State Security provides unarmed security guards, bodyguards and armed security officers, throughout Federal Way (WA). All of our security officers are licensed, by the state of Washington, to provide security guard services. 

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Unarmed security officers can greatly improve a business’s bottom line. Every business has to prepare for the potential of vandalism and theft. Having a trained staff of security personnel has many benefits. Security guards act as physical deterrents for would-be criminals. Criminals look for opportunity. The presence of security officers on the premise greatly decreases these opportunities. By utilizing security guard services, such as a security courtesy patrol, criminals are more likely to look for easier targets. Unarmed security officers also help control shrinkage. Most theft a business will experience comes from their employees. All State security officers are trained to look for certain abnormal behaviors and report all concerns to the proper authorities.  

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Having a group of experienced bodyguards is vital. Bodyguards are best utilized for close protection operations, secure transport and clients facing imminent threats involving bodily harm. 

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Armed security personnel have all the benefits of hiring unarmed security guards. The difference between unarmed security guards and armed security officers usually involves protecting valuable inventory. Having the presence of trained armed security officers is vital for some businesses. Jewelry stores are victims of armed robberies, as well as art museums, high end clothing stores etc. 

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